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What Local Government Gets Wrong About Websites - Watch the Recorded Webinar Today

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:04/12/2016

Nearly every local government organization has a website, but a recent survey revealed only 34% of local government staff believe their websites are highly effective. Why is that?

Watch the Recorded Webinar Now

In order to explore the reasons why, we recently held an interactive webinar with a panel of local government leaders to explore five common misconceptions that prevent local governments from getting the most from their websites:

  1. A website is purely a technology project

  2. We need to publish all the information we have

  3. We'll just have each department update content

  4. Social media can replace our website

  5. We have an app, so mobile is covered

Our panel discussed their first-hand experiences with each of these misconceptions, and their insights were very interesting. You'll get to hear some great insights, and pick up some useful tips about successful local government websites that you can use with your own organization.

Participating in the What Local Government Gets Wrong (And How to Get it Right) webinar were:

  • Justin Heyman, Director of Information Technology at Franklin Township, NJ
  • Steven Wright, Director Office of Public Information and Communications, Mesa, AZ
  • Erin Bryce, Community Outreach Manager, Northport, FL

See what you missed by requesting a free recording of the webinar that you can watch at your convenience.

Watch the Recorded Webinar Now




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