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What is SaaS - And Why You Should Want it for Your Local Government Website

by Jessica Terashima
Post Date:08/27/2015


Once upon a time, when you bought a piece of software – whether it was for word processing, book-keeping or content management – you paid for it up front and it was yours. If you had problems, you could call a customer service line and try to find a real, and competent, person to help you. A few years later a new edition might come out, and you would need to pay for the update, or you could let it slide and hope the old version was good enough.

In the current digital marketplace, where new updates and expectations develop on a day-to-day, rather than a year-to-year basis, this old model of “buy it and forget it” simply does not make business sense. “Letting it slide” can have significant consequences in everything from diminished user experiences to security flaws and compliance gaps. 

A Better Way to Stay Current

Responding to this new reality, many software providers, including Vision, have switched models to Software as a Service or “SaaS.”  SaaS is often referred to as software in the “cloud” as the software is installed on a vendor’s server instead of on your local physical server, and all access to the software is conducted over the Internet. 

With SaaS, companies become subscribers to software services rather than purchasers. They sign up for ongoing relationships with the SaaS providers in exchange for recurring subscription payments. And what do they get in return? Software that never goes stale and dedicated service that never goes dark.

Always Evolving, Always Improving

The biggest benefit of our subscription plan is that your solution is updated regularly with the newest functionality and features.  The digital landscape is always changing and our product team is constantly improving our product and adding new features.  On a monthly basis, we automatically push the latest version of the product to your solution, ensuring your software is regularly updated.

Other benefits for subscribers of visionCMS include:

  • Dedicated access to our support team who will help you maintain your website
  • Ongoing Healthchecks which monitor and analyze your website to identify potential tweaks and updates to optimize your website
  • Site Improvement credits that can be used to keep your website fresh and in-tune with your users
  • Access to our monthly webinars and online training videos to keep your team knowledgeable of latest enhancements and fully productive in using the system
  • Knowledge that all of your systems and security issues, including back-up, disaster recovery and cyber-threats,  are automatically taken care of by our team
  • An annual cost that is locked in for the term of the contract so you can forecast your future costs

In the rapidly changing landscape of digital development, SaaS subscriptions are the smart way to ensure that you have the latest and greatest technology – and service – behind you.

To learn more about the benefits of visionCMS and SaaS, contact us for a free consultation.

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