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What Are Your Residents Thankful For?

by Jessica Terashima
Post Date:11/24/2015

The Thanksgiving holiday is nearly upon us, giving us many opportunities to consider and express our thanks to families, friends and community. But some residents have extra reason to give thanks for their local government this year. Here are some examples of communities going that extra mile to make sure their customers have a great holiday.

Easy to Find Holiday Trash Collection Information

When the holidays roll around mid-week, many people are left wondering what will happen with trash collection services. The cities of Franklin, TN and Fayetteville, NC put their plans front and center so residents don’t have to hunt down answers. 




Get In the Spirit – Along with Safety Tips

The County of Monterey, CA puts its holiday spirit right up front with a bold homepage Turkey image and customized county logo, but it’s not just window dressing, there is also a link to helpful food safety guidelines from the Monterey County Health Department. 


Special Help for Residents from the Local Police Dept.

The city of Decatur, GA uses the “What’s New” module on their homepage to let residents know about a special “Out of Town House Check” service where the police department will check on your house while you are away. Now that’s something to be thankful for!  



We Give Thanks -- To You

One final thank you we’d like to mention is to all of our hardworking friends in governments across North America. You’re the ones whose dedication and hard work give us all something to be thankful for year-round! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your families and communities.

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