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Vision Internet Shares Industry Knowledge at Another Innovation in Online Government Academy

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:08/24/2015

Vision Internet held its fourth Innovation in Online Government Academy last week in Grand Prairie, Texas. The event was hosted by the City of Grand Prairie in their historic Uptown Theater and agencies from across Texas attended the one-day conference.  


 Content strategy expert, Ginny Redish, shared her “Secrets of Successful Websites” presentation which provided an overview to how to communicate clearly on the web. According to Ginny, content strategy is“thinking strategically about your content across all departments and groups, connecting all of the ways you touch people.” 


  Some of the key takeaways from Ginny’s presentation included:

  •  Consider how people will use your website – “every use of your website is a conversation that a visitor starts”
  • Think about content in terms of eating, and make content easy to digest – “bite, snack and meal”  
  • Include informative subheads to give readers guideposts and an easy way to skim
  • Use verbs which will get people to take the action you want them to take
  • Respect your web visitors’ time – don’t make them work too hard to find what they want 


In addition, Vision Internet’s Senior Director of Marketing, Ashley Fruechting, shared the results of the recent Vision Internet’s survey onWhat’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Government. One of the survey highlights was that “more than 94% of local governments believe that they have the responsibility to keep pace with technology.” She provided examples of how local government agencies are improving website navigation, increasing engagement, being more transparent and engaging in social media to better serve, represent and delight their citizens. Ashley also revealed the growing importance of developing mobile-optimized services to provide a better user experience.

The afternoon conference sessions featured an overview and discussion around the product roadmap for visionCMS and an advanced training on some of the newer visionCMS features, including the enhanced mobile view designer.


At Vision, we specialize in helping agencies research and implement user-focused improvements, and are always happy to discuss your particular needs. Request a free consultation now.


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