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Using Social Media to Improve Civic Engagement - Recorded Webinar

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:06/07/2016

Vision recently hosted a webinar on how to use social media to improve civic engagement featuring Jen Snyder from Queen Creek, Arizona, Brett White from West Hollywood, California and Anthony Wilson from San Angelo, Texas. Each of these professionals manage the social media accounts for their city and shared their insights for building and improving civic engagement.  

Watch the Recorded Webinar Now

Key Themes for Webinar

The key themes discussed during the webinar included:

  • Foundation - who do you choose platforms and build followers?
  • Challenges - how do you deliver key messages, deal with trolls and leverage influencers?
  • Innovation - how do you promote engagement and embrace what's next?

What is your community using for social media?

Choosing what platforms to focus on depends on the demographics of your community and size of the team that is posting. In Queen Creek and San Angelo, the major platform for engagement is Facebook, but Twitter is the primary channel for West Hollywood which gets twice the engagement of Facebook due to the city's relatively young 21-40 year-old age demographic. While San Angelo has a population of about 100,000, they have 21,000 followers on Facebook which is one of the largest followings of a city in the state of Texas.

City Population Facebook Twitter
Queen Creek, AZ 30,000


Likes - 14,638

% of Pop. - 49%


Followers - 2,937

% of Pop. - 10%

San Angelo, TX 100,000


Followers -21,061

% of Pop. - 21%


Followers - 4,041

% of Pop. - 4%

West Hollywood, CA 35,000


Followers - 5,956

% of Pop. - 17%


Followers - 9,590

% of Pop. - 27%


Other topics discussed during the webinar included:

  • How do you get your message out through the noise?
  • What do you do to keep up with social media innovation?
  • How are you measuring social media success?


See what you missed by requesting a free recording of the webinar that you can watch at your convenience.

Watch the Recorded Webinar Now

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