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Show Your Residents Some LOVE with a Usable Website

by Ashley Fruechting

Valentine’s Day is a great day (but shouldn’t be the only day) for local governments to show love to their communities. Say “I love you” with a usable website that makes it easy for residents to find the information they seek. It’s as easy as LOVE!

Busting Website Myths: Installment #4 - Icons Enhance Usability

by Uriz Goldman

Website trends come and go, but some old-school best practices endure well past their expiration and age just as well as cheap wine or day-old bread.

Our Busting Websites series helps agencies find a better path to website usability and relegate outmoded myths to the rubbish of heap of history. Our certified User Experience (UX) expert, Uriz Goldman, takes on a new UX myth this week – icons enhance usability.

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