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What's Next in Digital Communications for Local Government

by Nina Vuong

For the third year in a row, Vision commissioned a survey to gauge the current state of digital communications in local government and project future trends. The survey — What’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Government — went out to over 3,600 local government agencies and provides a glimpse into the trends and challenges facing government staff seeking to keep pace with ever changing technology.

6 Trends That Will Shape Online Government in 2016

by Tom Humbarger

 After partnering with more than 700 local government agencies to design and develop their websites over the last 20 years, we have become attuned to the trends that are shaping and evolving online digital government.

10 Resolutions for Local Government Websites for 2016

by Tom Humbarger

 As 2015 comes to a close and we open the door to 2016, it’s common to start making plans and goals for the New Year. Instead of joining the hoards of people headed to the gym January 1st, you might want to consider creating a list of resolutions for your local government website.  It might not help you shed holiday pounds, but setting goals will help set your website on the right track.

Let’s Get Real About Responsive Design - An Introduction to Responsive Web Design

by Tom Humbarger

By now, you’re probably familiar with concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD), but it can be challenging when you have to explain it to others or justify why it’s necessary.

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