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Digital Expert's Corner: Living Up to Ever-growing (and Changing) Expectations

by Kimberly Samuelson

Chula Vista’s Sr. Webmaster and content maven, Norma Frank, joins us for this edition of Digital Expert’s Corner to discuss running a website for a large, diverse city with a population that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Taking Responsive Design and Your Mobile-First Strategy to the Next Level

by Tom Humbarger

The importance of mobile traffic to your local government website is growing.

Based on a recent analysis of our customer base, we discovered that 33% of local government web traffic was mobile in 2015 and that it increased by 27% increase over 2014. Another statistic leading to the growing importance of mobile says that 25% of users only use a mobile phone to access the Internet. And finally, in 2015, Google changed its search algorithm to favor “mobile-friendly” websites.

Let’s Get Real About Responsive Design - An Introduction to Responsive Web Design

by Tom Humbarger

By now, you’re probably familiar with concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD), but it can be challenging when you have to explain it to others or justify why it’s necessary.

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