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Do You Need a Better Way to Manage Your Social Media?

by Tom Humbarger

Vision is constantly updating our CMS system based on feedbacks and suggestions from our customers. We have heard that doing a better job with social media is at the top of our customers' minds, and we just released visionSocial to simplify social media management for our local government customers.

Taking Responsive Design and Your Mobile-First Strategy to the Next Level

by Tom Humbarger

The importance of mobile traffic to your local government website is growing.

Based on a recent analysis of our customer base, we discovered that 33% of local government web traffic was mobile in 2015 and that it increased by 27% increase over 2014. Another statistic leading to the growing importance of mobile says that 25% of users only use a mobile phone to access the Internet. And finally, in 2015, Google changed its search algorithm to favor “mobile-friendly” websites.

Are You Delighting Customers with Search on Your Local Government Website?

by Tom Humbarger

Search has always been an important part of local government websites, and our latest usability studies have confirmed that Search is usually one of the top three functions that users select when they visit a website. In addition, many of our clients opt for designs that are based on having a prominent search bar on their homepage.

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