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How UX Allowed One Large County to Keep Pace

by Nina Vuong

People visit local government websites with specific goals and transactions in mind. If your website is difficult to navigate, frustrations and distrust in your agency can arise. A user experience (UX) driven approach to website development can uncover greater insight to why people are visiting your website and what they seek.

What are CS, UX/CX and UID, and How Do They Lead to Happier Visitors?

by Jessica Terashima

Acronyms are great for simplifying complicated words, but when it comes to user experience they can be bit confusing. Here are brief explanations for what each of these acronyms mean – and examples of how they can improve your local government website.

Does Your Website Feel Like Home?

by Jessica Terashima

With the fall and winter holidays approaching, thoughts turn to the warmth of the family, shared traditions, and connections to home. But when you look at your municipal website, does it make your residents feel welcome? Does it show and describe a beautiful place to live, play and work – one that any family would be proud to call home? Take a moment to think critically and make sure you’re creating a welcoming environment for your government home.

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