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6 Ways to Improve Your Digital Presence and Better Serve Your Citizens

by Alyssa Trenkamp

If you’ve been tasked to improve your local government agencies digital presence you’re not alone.

The private sector is driving citizens expectations for digital services even higher, which means your citizens are less tolerant of poor digital experiences. So where do you begin?

Blogging: A (Mostly) Unexplored Frontier for Local Government

by Ashley Fruechting

Since they were first published in the 1990’s, blogs have evolved from online journals to information hubs. They’re an essential building block for social engagement and one of the best ways to engage with your community. Blogs let you share your own stories, gather feedback before implementing a new policy and promote local community events. Almost every part of your organization can leverage the power of blogging, including elected officials, library, and public works.

How Local Gov Can Get Started with Blogging

by Nina Vuong

Blogging hasn’t been an obvious communication channel for many local government agencies, but it should be considered an untapped opportunity to connect and engage with residents.  Your blog acts as a complementary channel to your social media outlets and website pages, allowing your residents to access relevant information in one central place.

Blogging: A Vital Piece of the Engagement Puzzle

by Nina Vuong

In our recent What’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Government survey, 100% of respondents said engagement would have a significant impact on local government operations by 2020, yet only 5% considered themselves to be “outstanding” at engaging their residents.  If you find yourself among those looking to improve their ability to engage the public, you may want to consider blogging.

Measuring Online Citizen Engagement

by Nina Vuong

If you work in local government, odds are you have been directed to “improve engagement” at some point by a well-meaning elected official or administrator. It’s not surprising: in our recent What’s Next in Digital Communications survey, 100% of respondents said engagement would have a significant impact on local government operations by 2020, yet only 5% considered to be “outstanding” at engaging their residents.

24 "Evergreen" Topic Ideas for Local Government Community Engagement

by Tom Humbarger

“Improving engagement” is a goal we’ve often heard from local government staff, yet many struggle to know how to go about making it happen. This issue was top of mind as we met with staff from coast to coast over the last year in preparation for the launch of our community engagement tool, visionPulse.

Introducing visionPulse - Community Engagement for Local Government

by Tom Humbarger

We are pleased to announce the availability of visionPulse, the latest addition to Vision's product family. visionPulse is a community engagement platform that enables local governments to gauge the public's opinion on important issues and turn that feedback into actionable results.  

3 Easy Ways to Boost Engagement via Your Local Government Website

by Jessica Terashima

Municipalities across North America share a common goal to increase community engagement, but their understanding of what that means and how to achieve it are less clear. Let’s define engagement as involving citizens in decision-making processes to build policies that benefit the community.

What Does Civic Engagement Mean for Local Government Today?

by Jessica Terashima

Traditionally, local government has thought about civic engagement in terms of how many people participated in official meetings, signed petitions or called their representatives. Engagement was, and often still is, used as a buzzword that doesn’t mean much. “We aim to improve engagement,” leaders may say, but this statement is rarely accompanied by a clear definition, reasons why or measurements of success. 

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