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Blogging: A (Mostly) Unexplored Frontier for Local Government

by Ashley Fruechting

Since they were first published in the 1990’s, blogs have evolved from online journals to information hubs. They’re an essential building block for social engagement and one of the best ways to engage with your community. Blogs let you share your own stories, gather feedback before implementing a new policy and promote local community events. Almost every part of your organization can leverage the power of blogging, including elected officials, library, and public works.

Local Government Blogging Examples

by Nina Vuong

Getting started with and maintaining a local government blog can be an impactful digital communication strategy. To give you some ideas, here are some great examples of municipalities who are leveraging blogs to engage their communities.

How Local Gov Can Get Started with Blogging

by Nina Vuong

Blogging hasn’t been an obvious communication channel for many local government agencies, but it should be considered an untapped opportunity to connect and engage with residents.  Your blog acts as a complementary channel to your social media outlets and website pages, allowing your residents to access relevant information in one central place.

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