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Busting Website Myths: Installment #4 - Icons Enhance Usability

by Uriz Goldman

Website trends come and go, but some old-school best practices endure well past their expiration and age just as well as cheap wine or day-old bread.

Our Busting Websites series helps agencies find a better path to website usability and relegate outmoded myths to the rubbish of heap of history. Our certified User Experience (UX) expert, Uriz Goldman, takes on a new UX myth this week – icons enhance usability.

Top 10 Vision Blog Posts in 2016

by Tom Humbarger

As 2016 wraps up, we want to take a moment to share the top 10 most viewed blog posts from our Vision Blog. Overall, we shared 44 blog posts in 2016 covering topics including: Best Practices, Usability, User Experience, Content Strategy, Analytics and Accessibility. 

Enjoy the walk down memory lane, and stay tuned for more great content and thought leadership content from Vision in 2017! And best wishes for the New Year.

Busting Website Myths: Installment #3 - Multiple Navigation Paths are Confusing

by Uriz Goldman

Website trends come and go, but some old-school best practices endure well past their expiration dates, and age just about as well as your middle school mullet.

24 "Evergreen" Topic Ideas for Local Government Community Engagement

by Tom Humbarger

“Improving engagement” is a goal we’ve often heard from local government staff, yet many struggle to know how to go about making it happen. This issue was top of mind as we met with staff from coast to coast over the last year in preparation for the launch of our community engagement tool, visionPulse.

Local Governments Celebrate and Educate on their Websites

by Jessica Terashima

When the weather turns cold, people start thinking about the holidays, and also about how the season will impact their daily lives. Local government offices start getting questions like “Will my trash service be changed because of Thanksgiving?” and “What can I do with all the leaves collecting in my yard?”

Election 2016 Wrap Up: How Municipalities Used Digital Channels to Support their Efforts

by Jessica Terashima

The polls are closed, the votes tallied and the speeches done. The 2016 General Election was a dramatic experience for many, and for local government leaders it was no exception. With all eyes on the polls, many municipalities used a variety of digital channels to support their citizens’ efforts, ensuring residents had everything they needed before, during and after the voting process.

Busting Website Myths: Installment #1 - No One Scrolls

by Uriz Goldman

Website trends come and go, but some old-school best practices endure well past their expiration dates, and age just about as well as your middle school mullet. At Vision we encounter tons of incorrect, out-of-date and flat-out wrong-headed “best practices” as we consult with customers across North America. It’s time to put these website myths, and the bad user experiences they foster, to bed.

How to Prepare for and Manage a Successful Local Government Website Redesign

by Jessica Terashima

You may know it’s time to overhaul your website, but how do you lay the foundation for improvements – even before a redesign project is approved?  At Vision we work with agencies every day that are striving to build the best website experience possible to their residents. After so many opportunities to partner with agencies in this position we’ve gotten a good idea of how to lay the ground work for a successful project.

What Are You Doing About Cybersecurity Threats?

by Tom Humbarger

Last week, the Internet was jolted with an unprecedented cybersecurity attack that affected many of the leading brands on the Internet. It is ironic that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and one of the largest attacks occurred in a time of heightened awareness.

What Does Civic Engagement Mean for Local Government Today?

by Jessica Terashima

Traditionally, local government has thought about civic engagement in terms of how many people participated in official meetings, signed petitions or called their representatives. Engagement was, and often still is, used as a buzzword that doesn’t mean much. “We aim to improve engagement,” leaders may say, but this statement is rarely accompanied by a clear definition, reasons why or measurements of success. 

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