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Survey Reveals Cities and Counties Think Differently About Technology

by Nina Vuong

Counties and municipalities work closely on many fronts, but our recent survey – What’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Governments – reveals several key differences in the way they each approach digital transformation, their missions, and how they interact with their residents.

3 Reasons Why You Should Take a Research-driven Approach to Your Website Redesign

by Nina Vuong

Planning a redesign of a local government website can be a challenge. Not only is the project typically managed by a committee, but keeping a wide range of stakeholders - who have a vested interest in various pieces of the website - engaged and aligned can make it difficult. In this environment, it can be tempting to share a survey with all staff and stakeholders in order to make decisions about the content and design of the site. However, rethinking the approach and focusing on research may actually be the key to success.

Buy In Best Practices for Local Government Websites

by Jessica Terashima

If you manage or contribute to your local government website, chances are you have a good idea of what isn’t working. The site may be hard to update. It might have thousands of outdated pages.

3 Key Pillars of a Research-Driven Website Design

by Jessica Terashima

After a while, it starts to become obvious when a municipal website needs an overhaul. Everyone from citizens to web editors to elected officials make comments that the site looks old, or is hard to use, or is too cluttered. While it’s easy to say your site needs help, it’s more challenging to know how to approach the improvements.

Top 10 City Website Requests

by Tom Humbarger

People visit city websites to perform tasks. What’s the best way to serve citizens visiting your website? Understand what they’re looking for, and make it easy for them to complete their tasks.

Do You Know The Most Popular Pages on Your Local Government Website?

by Tom Humbarger

Everyone expects the top content on a local government website to be about jobs, events or police - but for many of our customers, the results are quite surprising. In this post, we highlight several "surprising" pages that broke into the top 10 recently illustrating why it is so important to understand the uniqueness of your community and dive into the analytics for your own website.

Taking a Deeper Dive with Google Analytics

by Tom Humbarger

In an earlier blog post, we provided an introduction to Google Analytics. This follow-up post shows you how to uncover some interesting insights when you take a deeper dive into the analytical results. It also points out the importance of looking beyond the surface and include trends, comparable data periods and benchmarks in your analysis.

Why are Website Analytics Important for Local Government Websites?

by Tom Humbarger

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. This is an old management adage that is even more important today as there are so many more ways for customers to engage and interact with you – and most of these channels are digital. Which channels are the most important, what do they want to do, what information do they need, which messages resonate with what audiences, what do they want to do, and are you spending your time in the right places?

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