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Top 10 Vision Blog Posts in 2016

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:12/29/2016

As 2016 wraps up, we want to take a moment to share the top 10 most viewed blog posts from our Vision Blog. Overall, we shared 44 blog posts in 2016 covering topics including: Best Practices, Usability, User Experience, Content Strategy, Analytics and Accessibility. 

Enjoy the walk down memory lane, and stay tuned for more great content and thought leadership content from Vision in 2017! And best wishes for the New Year.

1. Announcing the New Vision Brand, Logo and Website

It’s an exciting time at Vision. Today, we are unveiling a new brand, logo and website – our new face to the world - that better represents how we connect communities and local government through technology.

2. Do You Know The Most Popular Pages on Your Local Government Website?

Everyone expects the top content on a local government website to be about jobs, events or police - but for many of our customers, the results are quite surprising. In this post, we highlight several "surprising" pages that broke into the top 10 recently illustrating why it is so important to understand the uniqueness of your community and dive into the analytics for your own website.

3. 6 Trends That Will Shape Online Government in 2016

After partnering with more than 700 local government agencies to design and develop their websites over the last 20 years, we have become attuned to the trends that are shaping and evolving online digital government.

4. Why is Usability Important for Local Government Websites?

Have you ever encountered a website that was difficult to use or navigate? Or a time when you were stopped from completing a task on a website because nothing made any sense? Of course you have, because the Internet is littered with poorly designed websites. The good news is that the trend towards analyzing what users want and incorporating usability into web design is here to stay. But there is still a lot of progress to be made.

5. Using Video and Social Media to Engage Residents

It’s not so hard to get social media engagement when you have a great story to tell – a new restaurant opening, an exciting new event – but what about when your update is a little less interesting to citizens? How do you get residents to tune into your reminder about the upcoming census or water conservation rules? We asked our panelists during our recent Social Media Webinar (view a recording here), and they had some great examples of how to liven up government news announcements using video.

6. 3 Ways to Make Your County Website More Successful

An effective local government website serves, represents and delights its visitors. Counties face a unique challenge delivering on these goals because they tend to be large, decentralized and less-visible to their residents than their local city or town. So how do counties establish themselves online and provide real value to their residents? They start by understanding their citizens.

7. Top 10 City Website Requests

People visit city websites to perform tasks. What’s the best way to serve citizens visiting your website? Understand what they’re looking for, and make it easy for them to complete their tasks.

8. What are CS, UX/CX and UID, and How Do They Lead to Happier Visitors

Acronyms are great for simplifying complicated words, but when it comes to user experience they can be bit confusing. Here are brief explanations for what each of these acronyms mean – and examples of how they can improve your local government website.

9. 11 Vision Customers on MONEY's 2016 Best Places to Live

MONEY Magazine announced their Best Places to Live in America list this week and 11 Vision customers were named in the top 50 cities.

10. Almost Everything You Need to Know About Local Government Website Accessibility

Digital accessibility is important for many reasons. How would you access the Internet if you had difficulty seeing your computer screen, strained to hear sound, or had trouble using a keyboard or a mouse? In the U.S. today, 1 in 5 citizens has a disability and many struggle to visit their local government websites to pay utility bills, register children for Parks and Rec programs, and weigh in on community issues. 

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