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Digital Expert's Panel: Customer Service Was Woven into the Fabric of the City

by Kimberly Samuelson

In part one of a two-part series, award-winning CIO, Daniel Bourdeau of the City of Westland joins us for this edition of Digital Expert’s Corner where he shares his strategic and data-driven focus on the customer.

Digital Expert’s Corner: An Appealing Electronic Face for Our City

by Kimberly Samuelson

When Jay Evans, Assistant City Manager for the City of Brentwood embarked on the city’s redesign, he was determined to give the residents a contemporary, visual experience and to provide clear navigation so they could hard-target search for content. Jay joins us to discuss the website’s newly-lifted face.

Digital Expert's Panel - The Website is a 24/7/365 Virtual Employee

by Kimberly Samuelson

Fresh from a redesign, the City of Effingham’s new website is laser focused on citizen-services. Moreover, City Administrator, Jim Arndt, and his team, even have plans to push municipal service delivery into retail environments!

Digital Expert's Panel: Growing Digital Gilbert

by Kimberly Samuelson

Currently, the most populous incorporated town in the United States, the Town of Gilbert, has an even bigger digital footprint. From Podcasting to Mobile AppHubs, Gilbert’s programs are as impressive as they are comprehensive. We recently spoke with Zara Bish, the town’s Multimedia Specialist about their website redesign and strategy.

Digital Expert's Corner: Living Up to Ever-growing (and Changing) Expectations

by Kimberly Samuelson

Chula Vista’s Sr. Webmaster and content maven, Norma Frank, joins us for this edition of Digital Expert’s Corner to discuss running a website for a large, diverse city with a population that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Digital Expert's Corner: T-Minus Six Months to Site Launch

by Kimberly Samuelson

Barbara Belli, webmaster for the City of Wilmington, was asked to deliver a redesign ASAP by senior administration. She shares her non-traditional approach and reminds us all to breathe in this edition of Digital Expert’s Corner.

Digital Expert's Panel: A Speedy Redesign Makes a Significant Visual Impact

by Kimberly Samuelson

To meet her deadline, Barbara Wilson, Director, Integrated Multimedia, and Marketing at West Chester Township had to launch her new site in three months. With a partnership with Vision in place, Barb not only launched on time but stood up a highly accessible website that is a “welcoming, digital front door” for the community.

Digital Expert's Panel: Redesigned County Website Services Rapidly Growing Population

by Kimberly Samuelson

Joseph Satre, IT developer, and administrator for one of the fastest growing counties in Minnesota, Carver County, is a veteran of multiple redesigns. During his interview, he offers the Vision community some tips and trips for managing change through the redesign process.

Digital Expert's Corner: The Mobility Tipping Point

by Kimberly Samuelson

Rachel Reynolds, Public Information Officer for the City of Keller, knew that over half the audience for the city’s website were accessing the site on their mobile devices. This edition of Digital Expert’s Corner explores Rachel’s thoughts about responsive design.

Digital Expert's Corner: Capturing a New Demographic

by Kimberly Samuelson

When the City of La Quinta’s website was released, it set the Vision office abuzz with its modern look-and-feel and slick use of video (and it takes a lot to wow a team who works on websites all day!). Digital branding is a hot topic and one we know many government agencies struggle with, so we recently sat down with two of the experts from the city to learn more about how they approached the project: Tustin Larson, Community Resources Manager and Marcie Graham, Marketing and Events Supervisor.

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