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Is Your Website Good, Bad or Scary?

by Jessica Terashima
Post Date:10/22/2015

It’s that time of year again when the costumes come out, candy bowls get filled and neighborhoods turn into scari-hoods. For a local government leader, Halloween can be a busy time -- with municipal events to execute, public safety preparations to undertake, and the normal business of government to maintain. Is your community website doing a good job of supporting these goals – and reflecting your community’s priorities?

Get the Right Look

The County of Monterey does a great job of integrating a Halloween theme into their website while still emphasizing the region’s history and interest for visitors. Is that a real ghost walking up the path and through the front door?

Get the Word Out

The City of West Hollywood has a world-famous Halloween celebration every year and their city’s population grows from 35,000 to over half a million people on Halloween night. Their flexible CMS from Vision allows them to highlight the event on their homepage and quickly lead visitors toadditional information.


The City of Ankeny highlights a local Iowa tradition of Beggar’s Night the night before Halloween, and includes extensive safety tips on a dedicated information page.



Keep Things Running Smoothly

Not every municipality wants to focus on Halloween on their website, instead focusing on other seasonal and top-of-mind resident concerns. TheCity of Provo does this by highlighting local elections and leaf collection.

Provo_UT_Fall_Cleanup.png Whether you’re planning a ghoulish gala, showing your holiday spirit or just trying to do a better job of serving your community – your website should make it easy for your residents accomplish their goals.


At Vision, we specialize in helping agencies research and implement user-focused improvements, and are always happy to discuss your particular needs. Request a free consultation now.


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