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Is Your Local Government Website Attractive to Visitors?

by Jessica Terashima
Post Date:10/07/2015

Is_Your_Website_Attractive_to_Others.pngRunning a government website, you first duty is to serve, represent and delight your citizens. But as you’re crafting an experience that meets – and hopefully exceeds -- the needs of your local residents and businesses, have you left potential visitors behind?

Many cities have dedicated tourist sites created by the Visitors Bureau or Chamber of Commerce, but your site must still provide a warm handshake to tourists, even if it simply hands them off to other sites. As you’re evaluating your overall content strategy consider making “Visitors” a persona you track to ensure that your content and user experience works for this key audience.

What’s Important?

Take a look at your site through the eyes of someone planning a visit – can you find a quick path to vital information or to a dedicated Visitors site?  Do the images on your site paint an attractive picture? Is the site friendly both in content and design? Is there a need for a dedicated mini-site? These are all questions to think about as you look at your content strategy.

Dedicated Travel Content

The website for Decatur Georgia focuses mainly on the needs of residents, but still paints an upbeat and engaging picture of the city that would work for an outside audience. Also, Decatur provides an easy-to-find link to Visitor content in the main navigation. After clicking on that link, the visitor goes to The Visit Decatur website, which features similar branding and design, but focuses solely on the needs of the traveler. It’s a seamless and simple experience that effectively represents the community as visitor-friendly.



The stand-alone Destination Kent website serves as a gateway for potential visitors with lots of trip planning content, but also serves citizens with local news headlines, event listings and entertainment options. 


Tourist-Friendly Navigation & Imagery

The City of Bend Oregon created a special visitor center – with a high-visibility link located right under the city logo.  Rotating images show visitors enjoying Bend’s natural wonders. 


The City of Montgomery Alabama uses imagery that clearly speaks to potential visitors, with pictures of families enjoying local attractions. 


Is your content strategy taking visitors into account – and could you be serving them better?

Additional Resources:

If you want to learn more about promoting your municipality as a tourist destination, here are a few additional resources:

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