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Forget the Naughty – These 6 Sites are Nice!

by Jessica Terashima
Post Date:12/15/2015

We’re making a list and checking it twice but instead of focusing on who’s been naughty, we’d like to focus on who’s been nice. What do we mean by nice? We mean, user friendly, innovative and easy on the eyes. These elements are key to building a customer-centric vision of your website that serves, represents and delights your residents.

Users Welcome Here!

Isn’t it amazing how some government websites focus on their own needs and organizational structure, rather than what their residents need and expect? Here are two sites that do a great job breaking down the silos to produce a better user experience.

The city of Simi Valley, CA makes it easy for residents to quickly get to key areas of the site. Need to pay a bill or get drought info?  You don’t have to know which department is responsible for that information to find the button to get there. 


 The city of Fayatteville, NC uses action buttons on the left and a large search field to right to make sure residents can find the right path to the information they need – no matter what department controls the actual information. 



Innovate or Stagnate?

Does your website look it was designed 15 years ago? What do you think that says about your organization? Either “we’re not modern” or “we don’t care enough to keep current.” Check out these organizations on the other side of the spectrum.

The city of Redding, CA shows that your website doesn’t need to look tech-y to be modern, eye-catching and user friendly.


The city of North Port, FL recently updated their city website with easy to find search bar, quick links to social media and helpful action buttons on the left to get residents where they need to go. Bet they didn’t have those 15 years ago! 



A Nice Looking Site Says We Care

Having a great looking website is a nice thing, but really means something when you think about what it conveys to your audience. It says we care, we take pride in our community, and we hope you visit.

The city of Roswell, GA not only looks like a nice place to visit, but also like a city that takes pride in putting its best forward with a clean, easy-to-navigate design. 


 The Destination Kent website paints a vibrant picture of an exciting Ohio destination with photography and design. It also makes it easy to get vital information for folks planning their visit. 


 Take a look at your website and think about how your residents see and experience it. Do you think they’d put it on the naughty or nice list? Vision can help you evaluate your website and make sure your site is headed in the right direction.

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