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Election 2016 Wrap Up: How Municipalities Used Digital Channels to Support their Efforts

by Jessica Terashima
Post Date:11/10/2016

The polls are closed, the votes tallied and the speeches done. The 2016 General Election was a dramatic experience for many, and for local government leaders it was no exception. With all eyes on the polls, many municipalities used a variety of digital channels to support their citizens’ efforts, ensuring residents had everything they needed before, during and after the voting process.

Creating an Information Hub

The City of Santa Clara, California created extensive content on their website to explain and promote the November 8th election. In addition to a prominently featured button on their homepage, the city created a dedicated “Santa Clara Votes” section that included links to registration topics, items up for vote and the local code of ethics. They designed the page to be easy to use and understand so that it could truly help its voting audience.

Santa Clara Votes.png

Linking to Important Information

Racine County, Wisconsin used their CMS alert system in a creative way to publish special voting information at the top of their website. This allows them to easily remove it when it is no longer needed. Using bold colors and an “I Voted” graphic, the voting alert area helps residents quickly access election results, identify polling places and learn about voter registration. Racine County Voting Banner.png

Leveraging Social Media to Get the Word Out

Missoula County, Montana took to Twitter to keep their community informed and engaged about the election. Throughout Election Day, they posted information about absentee ballots, election machines, voter registration and more – making a coordinated effort to educate and assist their citizens.

Missoula County Elections Center on Twitter.png

Preparing for the Next Election

The logistics of an election, especially a general election, provide many challenges for cities and counties, but digital channels can make it easier to share information and get the word out. Through dedicated sections of their website, alerts and tweets, these communities made it easier for residents to get important answers and vote with confidence. Looking ahead to your next election, how do you plan to enable and assist your residents? Are you creating a communication strategy that leverages digital channels to empower your citizens? Now’s the time to start planning.

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