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City of Eden Prairie Hosts Vision's Innovation Academy 

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:08/29/2016

The City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota hosted Vision's second Innovation Academy of 2016 on August 25th at the Eden Prairie City Center.  User Experience, Content Strategy and Analytics were the key themes of the Academy.


Vision’s Innovation in Online Government Academies are regional conferences that connect local government agencies with their peers to learn industry best practices, trends and strategies to help them maintain a website that serves, informs and engages residents.
CEO David Nachman kicked off the conference with an overview of what Vision has accomplished in the past year, and outlined plans for the future.


UX Manager, Uriz Goldman, then shared how he uses usability experience (UX), customer experience (CX) and information architecture research techniques to fully understand how customers use a website and what they want to do when visiting a website. Uriz also demonstrated some of the techniques he uses during the UX phase that is part of every Vision project and highlighted various methods that can be implemented with minimal budgets:

  • Individual interviews
  • User testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Analytics
  • Card sorting

Wrapping up the morning session was Content Strategy Consultant Carrie Broeckelmann who challenged the attendees to view their websites as a conversation. She also urged the audience to answer these three questions for every piece of content that is posted to their websites:

  1. Who is seeking the information? (Personas)
  2. What do they need to know or do (Conversations)
  3. Why are they coming to our website (Purposes and Processes)

In the afternoon, the attendees had the option of attending two of the four scheduled breakout sessions which included hands-on usability testing, a content strategy exercise, a session on demystifying analytics and a brainstorming session with the Vision Products team.

Vision's next Innovation Academy will be held in Southern California in early December. For more information on future Innovation Academy conferences, review the Webinars and Events section under Resources on our website.


At Vision, we specialize in helping agencies research and implement user-focused improvements, and are always happy to discuss your particular needs. Request a free consultation now.


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