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eBook with Local Government Leaders' Advice about Social Media

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:04/18/2016

During my career, I have managed the social media presence for several companies, but since joining the Vision team, I have been struck by the unique challenges faced by local government staff as they seek to use the same social platforms to reach their audiences in the public sector.

To learn more what local government experts have to say about social media, we reached out and asked, What is the best piece of advice you would have for a local government agency just starting out with social media?

We've compiled the answers in an eBook that is chock-full of tips and tricks, best practices and lessons learned to help you improve your local government social media strategy. Download your copy of the social media eBook.

Social Media Will Have Significant Impact by 2020

In our latest “What’s Next in Digital Communications” survey of local government leaders, nearly all respondents thought social media would have a significant impact on their organization by 2020, yet only 42% felt their current social media presence was “highly effective” today.


Getting ahead of the curve on local government social media presents a unique challenge for organizations because platforms, best-practices and user expectations shift so quickly. Imagine how different the conversation would have been just 3 years ago.

Key Social Media Themes 

While the advice came from a number of people and covered a wide range of topics, the advice essentially boiled down to four key themes:

  • Focus Your Efforts
  • Have a Plan
  • Make it a Conversation
  • Commit to Progress not Perfection

My favorite submission in the eBook is:


Whether you’re a social media pro or just looking to get started, have a clear and scalable plan to follow as you evolve your strategy. Focus on where you can have the most impact - and make the most connections. The key to an effective social strategy is to remember to put your citizens first.

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