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Does Your Website Feel Like Home?

by Jessica Terashima
Post Date:11/19/2015

With the fall and winter holidays approaching, thoughts turn to the warmth of the family, shared traditions, and connections to home. But when you look at your municipal website, does it make your residents feel welcome? Does it show and describe a beautiful place to live, play and work – one that any family would be proud to call home? Take a moment to think critically and make sure you’re creating a welcoming environment for your government home.

H is for Handy

When your website is easy to use, looks good and utilizes simple friendly language – it lets user know you care. The city of San Luis Obispo, California features a search bar front and center with the friendly prompt, “How can we help,” setting a positive tone for the user’s experience.  


O is for Obvious

When visitors come to your site can they find what they need? Are the key pathways obvious? The city of Lacombe, Alberta, Canada uses large colored action buttons to direct visitors to the most requested areas of the site.  



M is for Merry

The holiday season can be busy ones with a variety of community events that might interest your residents. How will they find out about them? The city of Franklin, Tennessee puts special events front and center on their website so visitors can quickly get the details.  



E is for Engaging

It’s one thing to have a website that works, it’s another to have one that actively engages your residents and encourages ongoing involvement. The city of San Angelo, TX uses its home page to promote its social media campaigns and solicit feedback on its website. When you click on the homepage banner - #ThisPlaceMatters – you are treated to a video with a beautiful montage of everything that makes San Angelo a great place to live, go to school, work and experience all that the community has to offer. 


For municipalities looking to make their websites more home-y, Vision offers a variety of services to boost usability, design quality, and content strategy organization. We think your users will welcome the improvements with open arms!


At Vision, we specialize in helping agencies research and implement user-focused improvements, and are always happy to discuss your particular needs. Request a free consultation now.


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