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Do You Know The Most Popular Pages on Your Local Government Website?

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:05/05/2016

Everyone expects the top content on a local government website to be about jobs, events or police - but for many of our customers, the results are quite surprising. In this post, we highlight several "surprising" pages that broke into the top 10 recently illustrating why it is so important to understand the uniqueness of your community and dive into the analytics for your own website.

What are Your Top 10 Webpages?

Since the top 10 webpages for most websites typically generate 40% to 50% or more of the total traffic, it is critical to know which pages are most popular pages on your site. Using a website analytics tool like Google Analytics will help you identify your own top pages. Armed with this information, you can take steps to ensure the top pages are easy to find, that they are well-written and contain the key information your residents are seeking.

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Based on our review of several dozen websites, the top pages for a city website usually include Home, Jobs, Calendar, Search, Parks and Recreation and Police. What rounds out the rest of the top 10 pages can vary widely from city to city as seen in the following examples.

The Surf Report is Important to San Clemente

In San Clemente, California, the most popular page on their website is the Beach, Surf & Weather page. This page shows rotating live views from the city's beach cams along with weather and lifeguard reports on air/water temperatures, tides and surf conditions. For a beach community like San Clemente, this information is what's important for surfers, swimmers and others who want to know the conditions before they head down to the beach. 



A Construction Project in Marion, Iowa Sparks Interest

In Marion, Iowa, a local construction project is the 6th most popular page. The Central Corridor Project is implementing a long term traffic management plan for Marion's core and will create a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere in Uptown Marion. This multi-year project is highly visible in the community and project updates are important to many residents.


Local Sports Center is a Valued Asset for Wasilla, Alaska

In Wasilla, Alaska, the Menard Sports Center is the third most popular page on the city's website. The Sports Center is the premier indoor sports and event facility in the community and includes an ice arena, an indoor turf court, a running/walking track, batting cage and three community rooms. 


Adoptable Animals are Adorable in Apple Valley

In the Town of Apple Valley, California, the Adoptable Animals page is the 2nd most popular page and generates more than 8.5% of total pageviews. If you're looking for a new pet in Apple Valley, the adoption page is the place to go.


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If you don't know your most trafficked pages, now is the time to start learning and tracking this information. You also need to review your top pages on a regular basis, as they will change over time and you should update your homepage to make it easier for visitors to access these pages.

Download our Introduction to Using Google Analytics to learn more about understanding how to leverage your website analytics.

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