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Do You Need a Better Way to Manage Your Social Media?

by Tom Humbarger
Post Date:05/10/2016

Vision is constantly updating our CMS system based on feedbacks and suggestions from our customers. We have heard that doing a better job with social media is at the top of our customers' minds, and we just released visionSocial to simplify social media management for our local government customers.

What are your social media pain points?

Though there are many challenges associated with managing a successful social media presence, a few major themes emerged when we polled local government staff. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • No time - I can’t find the time to post to social media
  • Consistency - I have trouble keeping content consistent between platforms
  • Scheduling - I want to schedule posts when it is convenient for me and for my audience
  • Keeping track - I can’t easily remember where I have already posted or scheduled content
  • Approval – I want to be able to review and approve posts before they are sent out, but it not possible to do on the native Twitter and Facebook platform
  • Customization – I want to be able to easily customize my messages so my community is more engaged
  • Security – I don’t want to grant social media administrator access to everyone who needs to create social media posts

We also found that a majority of our customers were posting directly to social media using Facebook's and Twitter's native posting platform. We heard that they would rather post directly from the CMS and simplify the posting process.


An easier and better way to manage social media

After collaborating with our customers to address these challenges, we developed visionSocial – a new tool in the visionLive product suite. visionSocial allows you to streamline your social media activities by posting what you want, when you want and where you want it.

With visionSocial, you can:

  • Schedule posts to maximize visibility
  • Customize messages to increase engagement on each social channel
  • Plan multiple posts across multiple channels to build campaigns

Can you do this with your CMS?

With visionSocial, you can create an event or news item and schedule multiple social media posts at the same time - directly from visionCMS.


How can I learn more about visionSocial?

If you would like to learn more about how visionSocial can transform the way your organization manages social media, view the product overview page or contact us to schedule a free demo.

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