Blogging: A Vital Piece of the Engagement Puzzle

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Blogging: A Vital Piece of the Engagement Puzzle

by Nina Vuong
Post Date:01/19/2017

In our recent What’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Government survey, 100% of respondents said engagement would have a significant impact on local government operations by 2020, yet only 5% considered themselves to be “outstanding” at engaging their residents.  If you find yourself among those looking to improve their ability to engage the public, you may want to consider blogging.

Blogging has long been used in the private sector to build relationships with customers, share stories and knowledge, and provide better customer support. It gives agencies the chance to engage with their customers by providing up-to-date information on products and services, announcements, and answers to frequently asked questions. Yet, despite this popularity in the corporate world, we’ve estimated that less than 20% of local governments blog as a regular part of their communication strategy.

Enable Two-Way Dialogue

If you’ve hesitated to start a blog, consider how it could impact your overall communication and engagement strategy:

  • A blog is the perfect format to share background information on issues and projects. You can provide short updates on projects or initiatives in a way that allows residents to easily follow.
  • If you’re not sure what issues to open for public discussion, start with your blog posts. You can share about a variety of issues and follow the analytics to determine which ones are gaining attention from the public before formally opening a topic for discussion.
  • Following a blog is a low-impact way for residents to stay informed about issues and will plant seeds for greater participation in the future.

One Stop Shop

To make it easier for local government staff to set up and administer a blog, we built a blogging tool into the visionPulse engagement platform. Because visionPulse is integrated with the visionLive CMS, you can post to your blog, send email notifications, and update social media channels all within the same platform, allowing you to streamline your processes and maintain consistency between all of your communication channels.

Ready to Start Blogging?

Contact us for a free demonstration of the Blog tool with visionPulse to see how it can help you more effectively engage with your residents.

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